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Sprinklers & Irrigation

Irrigation Services In The Wichita Area

Irrigation systems make it easier to have and maintain a beautiful lawn, garden or general outdoor area. There was a time when only the wealthy had sprinkler systems. Now, with new materials, everyone can enjoy the ease of watering their lawn with sprinklers. Let’s face it, not all of us have the discipline and patience to water our lawn or garden on a daily basis. A proper irrigation system saves you precious time, and keeps your outdoor area in tip-top shape. When maintained properly, an irrigation system conserves water, too.

Two Lawn Rangers repairs sprinkler systems, and we also ensure that your back flow systems are functioning properly. Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides can easily seep back into the water supply through your irrigation system. A back flow system prevents contamination of the local water supply, and is required by law in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas.

Call us and find out why so many lawns and gardens in Wichita, Derby and surrounding areas are being irrigated with systems maintained by Two Lawn Rangers.